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Electronic Document Management System

During the past decades there is vast development in information technology throughout the world and Sri Lanka as well The advantage of this development much benefited by the private sector and there were short cumming within the government department in Srilanka. A special attention has been taken through Mahinda Chinthana to implient and develop the information technology within the government sector in progressive manner.

NHRDC has decided to implement a suitable electronic document management system and work flow management system. NHRDC expects to develop a system to suit with the needs at least cost and utilizing the modern techniques of information technology. The present system adopted by NHRDC does not show the proper maintenance of the expected schedule of workflow. This happens mainly due to the manual handling and the delay occurs during the manipulation. In addition to this situation, it affects the retardation productivity of whole system due to clash between the organizational structure and the workflow, resulting an unnecessary collection of documents at various stages of hierarchy. Therefore it is essential to adopt a new system in NHRDC to overcome the above mentioned problems





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